Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Increasing Your Immune System Health

Are you or someone you know getting sick on a regular basis? If you got the cold or flu this can be an indication that your immune system is not functioning at 100%. There are several reasons why this can happen.

  • Lack of Sleep
    Make sure you are getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night

  • Stress - Find out how to manage your stress by clicking on the link

  • Diet - Link to CNN.com "Follow this eat-right plan to fortify your immune system"
    Eating healthy is important in staying healthy. These tips come from CNN.com. Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables. Your diet should be high in vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, E, selenium, iron and zinc. Choose protein low in fat as well as healthful fats.

  • Lack of exercise
    People that lead sedentary life styles report more colds than those who exercise regularly

There are numerous correlations between chiropractic care and increased function of the immune system. According to Dr. George Ellwanger, upper cervical chiropractor "Researchers now know that there is a critical link between the body's central nervous system and the immune system. Something chiropractic researchers have been aware of since the 1918 flu epidemic, when it was found that the rate of chiropractic patients that got the flu was less than half that of non-chiropractic patients." The nervous system controls every organ, cell and tissue in your body. If your nervous system is not working at 100% then neither is your body. Regular upper cervical chiropractic checkups can insure that your nervous system is functioning at 100%. For more information on upper cervical chiropractic please visit thespecific.com.

Friday, December 5, 2008

What You May Not Know About Flu Shots

My goal for this post is to give you some information about flu shots that you may not be aware of. Then it is up to you to do a little more research to make an informed decision about what is right for you in your individual case.

Did you know that you can still get the flu even if you have a flu shot?

There is a different flu shot every year. The strains are usually chosen in the spring for flu season that starts anywhere from October to January. This means that there is a certain amount of guess work to get the correct strain.

Have you ever read the insert that comes with the flu shot?

Your doctor should have it available for you upon your request.

Common Side Effects

  • Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Muscle Aches

Rare but Serious Side Effects

  • Guillain Barre-the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system causing weakness and tingling in hands and feet.
  • Life Threatening Allergic Reaction


  • Thimerosal (mercury additive)-Mercury is linked to an increased risk of autism in children, autoimmune, brain injury and neurotoxin.
  • Aluminum-Increased risk of Alzheimers disease and seizures
  • Formaldehyde-Known cancer causing agent
  • Antifreeze-Cardiovascular dysfunction and kidney failure
  • Phenol
  • Chick Embryos

Alternatives to getting the Flu Shot

  • Exercise
  • Full nights sleep
  • Eat balanced diet
  • Manage Stress check out post-Stress Kills

Do you have any personal experiences when it comes to preventing the flu in a natural way or experiences with getting a flu shot? Please share your experiences in the comments section.

Links for vaccine information sheets:

Inactivated Influenza http://tinyurl.com/54tx7a
Live Intranasal Influenza http://tinyurl.com/69qxmo




Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tips to Fighting Fatigue

  1. Exercise-Any exercise can be beneficial in helping with fatigue. According to http://www.yogabasics.com/ "Yoga is an especially effective treatment for fatigue as it combines movement, rest and stress reduction with the cultivation of prana (life force energy) and the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and renew response)." Walking just 20-30 minutes a day has been shown to be very beneficial as well.

  2. Sleep-Get a full nights sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping I found a good article for you to read. http://twurl.cc/81t
  3. Chiropractic-Get your nervous system checked. If your body is not functioning at 100% you can have problems in many, many areas including sleep and fatigue. I can not emphasize how much chiropractic can have a huge effect on your health. http://tinyurl.com/6s57re

  4. Nutrition-Poor diet can cause tiredness. Most people know what they should eat but just don't make the time to do it. For the new food pyramid please see: http://www.mypyramid.gov/

  5. Meditation-is a way of relaxing your inner mind and bringing your mind into balance with your body. How to meditate: http://tinyurl.com/yuqgyg

Disclaimer: As always check with your health care professional before starting a new exercise program or changing your diet.

Monday, November 24, 2008

High Blood Pressure Reduced Without Medication

High blood pressure (hypertension) is an epidemic in the United States. About one in three Americans suffer from high blood pressure. See how blood pressure can be reduced without medicine.

There are so many side effects that are possible that it would take much too long to list. If you are interested see http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=593

If you would like to find someone in your area that can do this procedure visit this website: http://www.upcspine.com/

Friday, November 21, 2008

Stress Kills

Stress is very common in todays world. Did you know that chronic stress is worse than almost anything that you can do to yourself? Stress can cause just about any disease.

Ask yourself this very important question? Is whatever you are chronically stressed about really worth dying from?

Chances are if you are reading this; you or someone that you know is probably chronically stressed. There life starts off early in the morning and doesn't slow down until they get home. They get a rush from staying busy and the more tasks that they can accomplish the better. This is very typical for someone who is chronically stressed and is very bad for their health.

The frequent rush that people get is from an increase in adrenalin. It causes the body to be in a constant fight or flight which is great if you are being chased by a tiger. Otherwise it is just overstimulating your body and is a problem when it happens on a daily basis.
Stress causes cortosol which is a hormone that can be responsible for obesity especially in the abdominal area. As you probably already know obesity can cause a host of problems.

Symptoms from Chronic Stress
  • Headache

  • Muscle Tension

  • Heart Attack

  • Fatigue

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Anxiety

  • Mood Changes

  • Etc.

Managing Stress
  1. Exercise-Regular exercise reduces the amount of stress hormones such as adrenalin. This is the exptremely important.

  2. Meditation-for 20-30 minute 1-2 times a day has been shown to improve health. Infact those who are masters can even raise and lower blood pressure and heart rate.

  3. Eliminate Drug Use-drugs as well as high alcohol consumption can increase the effects that stress has on the body.

  4. Take Breaks-during work it is important to take breaks since it is chronic stress that causes health problems.

Please see the following for more information http://www.thefitshack.com/2008/11/13/control-your-stress-instead-of-eating-over-it/

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What does it mean to be healthy?

What do you think that health is? Many of us think that health is just the absence of disease. If I feel good I must be healthy. I challenge you to think about the definition of health according to the World Health Organization. Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” How many times do you hear of someone that was doing just fine. They exercised regularly and ate well. The next thing that you know you hear that they had a heart attack. Do you think that this person was well? The obvious answer is no.

You may be asking how can I be healthy? There are several aspects to health the physical, emotional and spiritual. Don't miss out on some great information. Subscribe Today!